Project Description

Susan Wilson   TREASURER

Hi, I am Susan Wilson, treasurer for the Hoosier Chapter BMW CCA. I am a car enthusiast by contact. I did not grow up loving cars or knowing anyone who was a car enthusiast. A car was simply a necessity. When I moved to Indianapolis in 2000, I met my husband-to-be, Larry Wilson, who is the ultimate BMW car enthusiast with an impressive collection of vintage BMWs. I have to admit I didn’t quite understand car enthusiasm. I do now, and I love it! Although I will never have the passion for a vehicle that my husband and most car club members share, I have a great appreciation and respect for the vehicle and for the enthusiast. The love of the automobile, the art, the design, the mechanics, the colors, the seats, the gas, the oil, the wheels, the tires, etc. I’m excited that these enthusiasts are so excited!

Larry and I certainly enjoy the local activities with the Hoosier club, we have also enjoyed meeting many new friends at vintage BMW car events at various locations throughout the United States. It’s been a wonderful journey with the club.

My first BMW was a beautiful black 1995 5 series 530i. My current car is a red 2006 325ci e46 Coupe. I love this club and you will too. I look forward to meeting you.