Project Description

Kashif Rahman DIRECTOR

Hi, I’m Kash.  Many of you know my beautiful wife, Jamila, and our wonderful daughter, Lara.  We have been members since Jamila bought her 2004 530i; I didn’t get my first BMW until 4 years later!  I love cars – thinking about cars, looking at cars, driving cars, talking about cars, washing my cars, etc! I actually have to thank Jamila for getting me into BMWs; prior to that my dream car was the General Lee!  I have only driven a manual twice (and I did horribly!), and I’m afraid to do any mechanical work because I’d probably mess it up, but that doesn’t stop me from loving and appreciating everything automotive!

I love being part of Hoosier BMW because of the people.  I have met many awesome people and developed great friendships thanks to Hoosier BMW; the fact that we all love cars is just icing on the cake!

Like many, I try to balance time between my family and my hobbies.  I love how our group is very family friendly, with many kid-friendly events.