Project Description

James Embry DIRECTOR

Hi,  my name is James Embry and I’m a BMW addict.  I’ve owned an E60 545i, E36/7 M Roadster, and currently an E36 M3.  My wife had an E92 328xi and currently has a F25 X3 2.8.  
My passion started when I was a teen and a family friend bought an E30 325i.  I read all of he magazine articles and was so amazed by the performance from the BMW motors of that era.  I always knew I would own an M car, the question was always…which one(s)?
I’ve been fortunate to have met such a group of passionate car addicts.  Although many of us enjoy our vehicles for different reasons we all share the passion and it shows.  I originally got involved with the CCA to get help when I had issues but what I’ve gained are life long friends.