Project Description


My name is Chris Ruel and I am proud to be the president of the Hoosier chapter of the BMW CCA. I have actually been a member of the club since 2001 when I purchased my first BMW, a 2002 330i. I remember going to my first event at Reggie’s Motorworks for a swap meet a few years ago and meeting many of the members.  I immediately surrounded myself with a whole new group of like-minded friends.  I had never made so many good friends in such a short period of a few years than ever before except maybe when I went to college.

I love working on my BMWs. I turn many of my own wrenches and love helping out others as well. In the last couple of years I have also become very active in the HPDE scene. Working on BMWs, tracking BMWs, and talking about BMWs…it pretty much engulfs my life!  I currently own three BMWs: 2013 e92 M3, 2003 e46 M3 and a 2001 325xiT that I converted over to a manual transmission myself using jack stands in my garage!

I feel honored that my fellow member enthusiasts chose me to be the president. I hope that I can enhance the club and give back as much as I have been given.